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We're Having A Party!


Often, we get people coming into the shop who have not realised we exist.  The thing they say is 'Are you new?'  Of course when I first opened I used to say 'Yes! Brand new!' and then after a couple of months I would say 'Pretty new!' and now I always look to the side and say 'Well, nearly a year, so kind of new'.

I have had the one year marker in my head as being the point at which I no longer have 'the new excuse'.  The point at which I ought to be a well oiled machine.  I'm not sure that I am a well oiled machine, but boy we have come a long way.

To celebrate our first birthday we are having a party.  There will be cake and drinks, 10% off all stock, and free goodie bags for to the first 30 people to spend over £30.

Will you come?

10.00 - 17.00 // Saturday 21 March 2015 // Backstitch, Burwash Manor Barns.

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