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We Got A Facelift - Shop Tour


Between Christmas and New Year when most of the country were groaning in lethargy, we were groaning about packing, plaster dust and paint.  When I opened Backstitch at Burwash Manor in March last year it felt like a very big step and I did everything I could take make that big step as easy as possible.  One of those things was not doing a full on refit of the premises.  I had a bit of a suck-it-and-see strategy when it came to bricks and mortar and the deal with myself was to open with as little initial outlay as possible.

However, Burwash Manor, and all the lovely customers who visit us there, has proved to be a thumbs up for Backstitch so it was time to open the space up and do what maybe we should have done in the first place.

So, we did a bit of a spruce up.  Our retail space is bigger and our workshop space is more efficiently arranged.  A month on and the fact that we didn't really get a Christmas break has been forgotten (just) and we are enjoying the extra light and space.

Here are a few pics, but you can come and see for yourself too... we are open seven days a week!

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