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Sarah's Paintbox Quilt


A few months ago I needed to get thinking about a new quilt.  I have a very dear friend who lives in Sweden and she was expecting her first baby... a quilt must be made!  I had been eyeing up some disappearing nine patches on my Pinterest Quilts board and figured it would be a good and quick way to create a paintbox quilt.  It would also be easy to make from my scraps pile (scrap packs have just gone in the shop).  So, I set to one evening, and boy it was quick to sew up.  I had the quilt top done in a matter of hours.  I had intended to make this a cot size, but it ended up more of a lap size... my quilt maths failed me again, but hey, bigger is better than smaller I figure.

Paintbox Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt rainbow5 rainbow4 Paintbox Quilt

Seeing as the front had so much colour with the scraps, the surrounding fabrics obviously needed to be muted to make the paintbox effect work.  I used Sketch in Smoke and a Natural Linen Blend.  These worked really well as the linen gave some textural interest and the sketch wasn't a flat colour either.  To keep the muted theme I used Scribble Notes in Charcoal for the binding.  The binding is possibly my most favourite bit of the quilt, I think the writing looks fab.

So, the quilt has been hurriedly snapped and sent off to Sweden and hopefully keeping that special pair warm during those night feeds.

Front Fabric: Scraps / Sketch: Smoke / Linen/Cotton Blend: Natural Backing: Klona: Natural. Binding: Scribble Notes: Charcoal

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