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We Welcome Moda Bella Solids to Backstitch!


A long time overdue, we have now added a solid quilting cotton to our offer here at Backstitch.  We have started stocking Moda house solid 'Bella'... Hurray!

Now you may, or may not, be bothered about what brand of cotton solid you use when quilting, but if you are bothered you are probably in one of two camps: are you in Camp Kaufman Kona or Camp Moda Bella we wonder?!  Which is better? Do you have opinions on range of colours, palette, shrinkage, hand, propensity to fray, thread count... the list of variables goes on.

In all honesty, we think that Kona and Bella are on equal footing quality-wise... There isn't really much in it.  So, 'Why Bella' we hear you ask?!

Here are my two main reasons: 1. We can offer you Bella solids at a better price than Kona.  At £7.60 per metre and sold in quarters we think this will make you pretty happy - price matters; and 2. The people at Moda are fab!  We like the way Moda operate as a business and we want to work with them more. (first rule in business: work with nice people (or something like that))

So, please welcome Bella.  We have 56 opening colours and will be adding to the range as we find the gaps.  When we order a new Moda collection we can order the coordinating solids too.

We will still be stocking our range of Klona cotton.  Klona (not Kona - can it get any more confusing?) is a craft cotton which is stiffer than quilting cotton.  It is really strong, and wide.  It is great for backing quilts, making bags, cushions, pouches, and is great value to boot.

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