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Love for the Fancy Tiger Sailor Top


AGES ago I made two Fancy Tiger Sailor Tops back to back.  True to form I am only just blogging about them now.  I love this top, it's a really easy to wear shape, basically a t-shirt but with a bit more interest.  And it is dead easy to make.IMG_9836IMG_9808

The first one of these I made was the space invaders one.  Made from this Space Invaders Jacquard Shirting.  It has a lovely sheen to it, and is a smart fabric but really playful with these little alien dudes woven into the pattern.  The second I made in woven check Peppered Plaid: Purple Haze.  This fabric is part of the Studio E shot cottons and all of them have this lovely weight.  It is slightly heavier than quilting cotton, is super soft and has a great drape.IMG_9816

I only did one thing differently - I hand sewed the neck facing to the inside of the garment.  The pattern called to stitch in the ditch from the front side, catching the facing on the back as you go.  Firstly I am hopeless at stitching in the ditch, and secondly I can assure you that I would end up not catching the facing all the way around if I couldn't see it, so I put the extra time in and took to a hand needle.


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