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Colette Patterns Introduce Menswear Brand 'Walden'


We've known for a while that the Colette Team have had an exciting project in the wings, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that they let us in on the big secret. And, it was worth the wait, as they introduce to us Walden Patterns.

There are three patterns in the line: The Albion, a classic duffle coat; The Cooper, a uber cool and practical satchel; and the re-released Negroni Shirt.

Colette Patterns Walden

Cooper bag WaldenThe Albion is a unisex coat and looks great on women as well as men, with toggles, tailored sleeves and three-piece hood. It comes in two length versions. The Cooper is brilliant.  A satchel style messenger bag, with rucksack straps and can be used as a bike pannier - genius... I'd like one of these! And, the Negroni has been re-released with an additional XS size and with the great new packaging.

Walden packaging

The packaging is delicious and worth shouting about... the best feature is the spiral bound instructions that lie flat - I repeat, they lie flat - no pinging closed!!

And don't tell my husband, but I'm rather enjoying that fine fellow in the cute duffle coat.

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