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An Advent Calendar of the Colouring Kind


The beginning of advent always catches me out. I get to this time of year and I think 'Okay, I've already sorted a few gifts, I'm thinking about the others, no sweat', and then 1st December creeps up and I have a small freak out about advent calendars.

I drew these pictures four years ago. I drew 24 pictures, coloured them in, stuck them on card, and cut each out to create 24 tokens. Each token goes into a little brown envelope (with a chocolate coin on the weekend) and gets pegged onto a ribbon in our hall.  I have two sets now, one for each boy.  Sometimes I even go a bit wild and slip in an activity: Make Christmas cards; Go out after dark to see the lights; Make mince pies; Cut Snowflakes for the window... that sort of thing.

Advent Pics

I'm not a great drawer, so they are a little basic, and there is particularly grumpy looking angel amongst them. But if you want to download the pictures for your own advent celebrations, or for some Christmasy colouring then you will find the pdf here. Also, I am working on a Pinterest board for my crafting activities - take a look.

So, it's time for me to go in the loft and get cobwebs in my hair retrieving that Christmas box. I'll be picking up some pay slip envelopes in the post office this afternoon, and chocolate money, I must buy chocolate money.

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