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A Quartet of I AM Apollon Sweatshirts


I live in jeans, trainers, tshirts and sweatshirts.  It is very boring but quite frankly when it comes to what I shove on in the morning I am okay about being boring.  What can I say, I'm a practical kinda gal and the casual look sits happily with my lifestyle.  Sometimes I'd like to be a little more styled but it's taken a while to realise that it's unlikely!

I never got around to jumping on the Grainline Linden Sweatshirt train, although I know a lot of you swear by this pattern, so when the I AM Patterns Apollon Sweatshirt came out I thought I would try this instead.  I made my first up in a blue polyester (poly I know, but it's a great fabric!) and then when this was a success then I made up three more in production line.  My favourite is the grey teeth with the stripey rib cuffs.  If you have seen me in the last couple of months you will probably have seen me in this one.   We still have some of the teeth sweatshirt fabric, and the stripey cuff rib fabric.  I'm afraid we have sold out of the Liberty Roses, Bicycles, and Blue Poly... you gotta be quick!

This pattern is a cinch.  A quick make for everyday wear!  I am now trying out the I AM Artemis, so we'll see how that goes!




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