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A Colette Myrtle Dress


Have you guys seen the new Colette pattern?  The Myrtle Dress is the third pattern in their recent 'Sewing Knits' series after the Mabel and the Moneta, both of which have been received very well.

I was immediately drawn to the Myrtle due to it's gorgeous drapey neckline and it's looser fit.  And, the idea that it could be made in a woven fabric too really appealed.  I decided to make this one up straight away in a stripey viscose jersey we have in the shop.

Colette Myrtle Knit Dress Pattern

I traced out the top in small and skirt in medium and graded between the two.  I had read on another blog that the cowl neck had the ability to be a bit revealing if made up in too big a size, so I didn't want that to happen, yet I measured a medium on the skirt.

I omitted the pockets.  I love a knit dress and none of the ones in my wardrobe have pockets so I knew I wouldn't miss them on this... also, I figured if anything other than a hanky was to be put in said pockets it would alter the shape and drape of the skirt.

Making version 2 - the shorter version, but without the shoulder tabs, I was able to cut out of 1.7m of 60" wide fabric, rather than the 2.4m that the pattern told me I needed (I still don't know why cutting layouts are continually so wasteful), and I only need one 100m spool of thread.

Colette Myrtle Knit Dress Pattern

This is a quick quick make.  I cut out before going to a BBQ on Sunday and then sewed it up before the kids went to bed when I got back.

So, am I pleased?  Well, I love love love the top.  The neck and the shoulders are lovely.  However, I don't think the shape of the skirt and the waistband are really doing anything for my shape.  As my measurements suggest, I have rather a small bust and a rather large and round middle.  My middle is my biggest point and the waistband just seems to accentuate this on me.  I think the idea is that it nips in the middle before the flare of the skirt and that is fine if you are straight up and down or have a bigger bust.  I prefer a skirt that flares from empire or one that goes straight up and down.

Colette Myrtle Knit Dress Pattern

That said I will probably wear this dress (once it's done it's time hanging in the shop) but perhaps as a gardening/ beach/ lazy day dress rather than an out and about dress.  And I am sure going to make a straight up and down t-shirt dress using this fab drapey neckline.

Stuff I used: Colette Myrtle Viscose Jersey: Green and Grey Stripe Gutermann Sew All: 396 Inch Wide Elastic Twin Ball Point Needle Regular Ball Point Needle

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