We are delighted to announce that five beautiful patterns from new designer The Avid Seamstress have arrived at Backstitch. The collection includes The Day Dress, The Sheath Dress and The City Trousers for women and two adorable dresses for girls, The Gathered Dress and The Raglan Dress

The Avid Seamstress designers say that they wanted to offer more than just a pattern; they wanted to join you on your sewing journey.  They aim to offer their sewing knowledge in a way that makes sewing fun, putting their heart and souls into their pattern range.  Because, sewing garments isn't just about the sewing, it's about slowing down and enjoying the whole process - from choosing your fabric, preparing your pattern, taking your measurements correctly, pinning and cutting with care. Taking your time with the first important steps means the sewing part of your project will be bliss.

Avid Seamstress patterns are printed on high quality paper and enclosed in a beautiful string tied envelope.  They include cards showing you how to take measurements, sewing terms demystified and a checklist. Also included is a step-by-step instruction booklet that will take you through the journey of creating your Avid Seamstress garment.

[caption id="attachment_1166" align="alignright" width="630"]Avid Seamstress Sheath Dress The Avid Seamstress Sheath Dress Fabric Recommendations[/caption]

If you are inspired by the Sheath Dress, you will need to use a fabric that is at least 128cm wide. At Backstitch we have a wide range of suitable fabrics - how about one of our linens, or a 4oz washed denim in dark or medium shade? Alternatively, for a pretty patterned dress, you might like an elegant silver leaf print cotton lawn, a drapey viscose Grey Reflections, or a fun drapey polyester in an ice cream cone pattern. Atelier Brunette's yellow viscose Summer Swoon would make a sophisticated dress, as would their Hirondelle design in cotton cambric (which is very similar to cotton lawn).

[caption id="attachment_1097" align="alignright" width="613"]Avid Seamstress Gathered Dress and Raglan Dress Avid Seamstress girls dress patterns available at Backstitch[/caption]