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I AM Patterns 'I AM IN LOVE' Collection


I AM Patterns' I AM IN LOVE sewing pattern collection follows hot on the heels of their recent popular collection, I AM A GODDESS. This new collection includes Romeo and Juliette of course, Romeo being a sexy button-up denim skirt, to marry with the romantic and sweet Juliette blouse. Also in the collection are the Cupidon sweater and cute Cherie-Cherie top, which has a heart cut-out at the back.

I AM Patterns Cupidon Top I AM Patterns Cupidon Top

In classical mythology, Cupid (Cupidon in French, Latin Cupido, meaning "desire") is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars, and is still the mascot of Saint Valentine's Day. I AM Patterns' Cupidon is a great sweater for mid-season, your ally for cool days. Cupidon will enfold you with tenderness in his loving arms. A jersey fabric is recommended for this top, and you might like to inspire yourself with our Backstitch jersey selection, or how about trying it in one of the Lace Shrug Knits.

I AM Patterns Cherie-Cherie Top I AM Patterns Cherie-Cherie Top

Cherie-Cherie is a cute and unique top with a heart-shaped cut-out at the back. This top is a textile origami, and will unveil your bare skin. Alternatively, Cherie-Cherie is just as irresistible when worn with a t-shirt underneath. Unconventional and chic at once, Cherie-Cherie is the most powerful elixir of love. To be made up with a T-shirt jersey, she would look stunning in our Cotton Jersey Grey Marl or Grey on Cream Spot.

I AM Patterns Romeo Skirt I AM Patterns Romeo Skirt

The Romeo skirt pattern is a denim skirt. Romeo embodies the secret recipe of a drop of sensuality, a pinch of audacity and a spark of classicism. This skirt is as unique as you are and will follow you everywhere. Fabrics recommended for Romeo are those with stretch across their width - a denim or chambray. We have a selection of stretch denim in our Denim and Canvas Category - try Stretch Denim - Vixen, Moldovia Grey or even Star - a super fun quality stretch denim with black star print.

I AM Patterns Juliette Blouse I AM Patterns Juliette Blouse

Juliette is a short-sleeved blouse, buttoned at the back. In all sweetness, she gives a dressy touch to the most sober style. Juliette will accompany you day to day, for a lunch or a coffee with friends. Fabrics recommended for Juliette are poplin, batiste, twill, flannel cotton, modal, or viscose. There are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from in our Poplin and Shirting category, or within the brushed/flannel cotton range.

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