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Tapestry/ Cross Stitch Needles

John James


Tapestry sewing needles are sometimes referred to as Cross Stitch needles.  They have a large eye and a blunt round point and are especially adapted for the use in needlepoint, petit point, countered cross stitch and plastic canvas work. 

The larger sizes, such as 13 and 14, can also be used for stitching knitted projects together or crochet work and are sometimes referred to as “sewing up” needles.  Because of the blunt point, these larger sizes are ideal for children to use when stitching on Binca or 6hpi Aida. 

It is the finer needles such as size 22, 24, 26 and 28 that are commonly used for cross stitch. The blunt round point enables the needle to pass and slip between fabrics and yarns without splitting or tearing the fibres. Use them with wool, embroidery soft cotton and stranded cotton on Single Point Canvas, Double Point Canvas, Aida and open mesh fabric.

Size 13 and 14 contains 2 needles
Size 16 contains 5 needles
Sizes 18 to 26 contains 6 needles
Size 28 contains 5 needles
Multi size packs: 18/22, 18/24 and 24/26 contains 6 needles

Size 13: 69mm length x 2.34mm diameter
Size 14: 58mm length x 2.03mm diameter
Size 16: 52.5mm length x 1.63mm diameter
Size 18: 48.5mm length x 1.27mm diameter
Size 20: 44mm length x 1.09mm diameter
Size 22: 40.5mm length x 0.94mm diameter
Size 24: 37mm length x 0.76mm diameter
Size 26: 34mm length x 0.61mm diameter
Size 28: 32.5mm length x 0.53mm diameter

Quantity Available: 40

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