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Betweens/ Quilting Needles

John James


Quilting sewing needles are sometimes referred to as Betweens needles and are a very short and fine needle with a round eye. Traditionally they were used by tailors and professional sewers and today they are most commonly used in the art of quilting. The short length allows the quilter to create quick and even stitching.

We offer a variety of sizes ranging from size 5 to size 12 and we recommend a beginner to use a size 5, 7 or 8. The experienced quilter will use the finer sizes such as a size 10, 11 and 12 allowing even smaller stitches to be created.

Size 5 to 10 contains 20 needles
Size 11 and 12 contains 12 needles
Multi size packs: 3/9 and 5/10 contain 20 needles

Size 5: 35mm length x 0.76mm diameter
Size 7: 31.5mm length x 0.69mm diameter
Size 8: 28.5mm length x 0.61mm diameter
Size 9: 28.5mm length x 0.61mm diameter
Size 10: 25.5mm length x 0.53mm diameter
Size 11: 22.5mm length x 0.53mm diameter
Size 12: 22.5mm length x 0.41mm diameter

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