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Miranda Dress | Sew Me Something


Designer: Sew Me Something
Printed paper
 UK 8 - 22
Difficulty: Intermediate

The Sew Me Something Miranda Dress is fitted with a centre back zip. The vertical princess seams allow for a better fit over the bust and continue down through the waist and into the skirt.
Version 1 includes feature pockets across the side front panels and a notched neckline and cuffs.
Version 2 is a simpler shape but just as pretty with a soft rounded back and streamlined skirt shape.

Miranda is from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and lives in exile with her rather domineering father, Prospero. Consequently she can be perceived as a bit naive. But she is guileless and honest and she has an innocent and empathic soul. She begs her father to have pity on the poor passengers of a storm-tossed ship. And when love strikes true she stands up to her father and shows she has a brave heart and the spirit to follow it. She faces the world bravely, armed with her own courage and loving heart, finding wonder and joy. Miranda is a character that induces hope and admiration. In fact her name means "that which must be admired' and we hope you'll be admired in your own versions of Miranda.

Suitable Fabrics: Medium weight cotton, cotton poplin, linen, satin crepe, viscose rayon, light weight wool, needlecord.

Quantity Available: 2

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