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Bianca Coat | Sew Me Something


Designer: Sew Me Something
Printed paper
 UK 8 - 22
Difficulty: Improving Beginner

This loose fit “coatigan” has a dropped shoulder line to add ease and comfort, with turn backed sleeves for a casual feel. The square edged shawl collar drapes into a waterfall front or it can wrap over to create a double breasted look. 

This Bianca is from the Taming of the Shrew and is the younger sister of the the sharp tongued Kate. Sweetness and light, chaste and obedient - or so she would have everyone believe! Not allowed to marry before her sister, she is frustrated by her older sister’s inability to hold her tongue and find a husband. So she makes the most of duping her father into thinking she prefers her studies and eventually runs off with her lover Lucentio. 

It only goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. The Bianca Coat is deceptively simple to make yet stylish and works in both heavy woven and knit fabrics.

Suitable Fabrics: Fabrics that do not have a definite 'wrong side'. Boiled wool, wool coating/suiting, heavy double jersey, scuba jersey, woolly fleece.

Fabric Requirements: All sizes, for 150cm wide fabrics - 2.5m

Quantity Available: 2

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