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Rosari Skirt | Pauline Alice


Pattern Format: Printed Paper
 EU 34-48 (UK 6-20)
Difficulty: Intermediate

Classic and inspired by the 70's, the Rosarí skirt will be your best friend all year round. Mini or midi length, it is so versatile and goes with everything.

The Rosari Skirt has 4 pocket options: Version A has rounded pockets with a coin pocket; Version B has patch pockets; Version C has inverted pleat patch pockets with flaps; Version D has zipped pockets.

Choose a medium weight woven fabric such as cotton, corduroy, gabardine, linen, denim, suede...
-Mini length main fabric: (width 150 cm/60”): 1.10 m; (width 110 cm/45"): 1.40 m.
-Midi length main fabric: (width 150 cm/60"): 1.50 m; (width 110 cm/45"): 1.70 m.
-Fusible interfacing: All views (width 75 cm/30”): 90 cm (35")
-Lining: Pockets A & D (150/110 cm, 60"/45”): 30 cm (12")

-Mini length: 8 buttons
-Midi length: 12 buttons
-Pocket B & C: 2 small buttons
-Pocket D: two 15 cm (6") metallic zippers

Quantity Available: 2

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