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The Tee Shirt | Merchant & Mills


Designer: Merchant and Mills
Pattern Format:
 Printed Paper 
Size: UK Mens sizes 36 - 46
Difficulty: Beginner

The T shirt is probably the world's most popular garment, presented here by Merchant and Mills as a smart, contemporary evolution of a wardrobe staple.

This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including sizes 36 - 46.

The Merchant and Mills Tee Shirt is a smart combination of a woven fabric with a stretch rib neck, a breast pocket and optional rolled up sleeves. Ideal for laundered linen, but soft cottons, light weight denim and soft wools would also work well. In the picture, Merchant and Mills have used a cotton elastane 2 by 2 cuffing rib which comfortably stretches by half again. If using an alternative rib, check the stretch on a 10cm measurement. If it stretches less than 15cms, cut with a generous seam allowance (5cm) and to be safe, pin, tack and try on. The fabric in the picture is a laundered linen with matching rib. The model is a size 44.

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