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River Dress and Top | Megan Nielsen


Designer: Megan Nielsen
Printed Paper
 XS - XL 
Difficulty: Beginner

Reversible raglan dress or top that can be made in woven or knit fabrics. Pattern features loose fit, optional pockets and waist tie, as well as top and dress options. It can be worn with the V neck or the round neck side at the front.

Version 1 is a reversible knit dress. Version 2 is a reversible woven dress with pockets and fabric belt. Version 3 is a reversible knit top in modern crop length. Version 4 is a reversible woven blouse in modern crop length.

Recommended Fabric: Stable knit fabric (Versions 1 and 3); Woven fabric (Versions 2 and 4)

Quantity Available: 2

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