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Adorable new stitching kits: Frog Prince and Rilla Raccoon

Rilla and Frog Collage 2

These oh-so-adorable new kits from Threadfollower have arrived just in time for Christmas. The Frog Prince and Rilla Raccoon are intended to be made by adults, so a perfect gift either for you to make for a special person, or for that crafty friend. Simply cut out the pattern and felt inside, then stitch your kit(s) following the step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Alternatively, we have a wide selection of beginner kits for younger stitchers...

Kanga Owl & Penguin Collage

The beginner Threadfollower kits, suitable for competent younger stitchers, say age 8 or above, include: Brontosaurus; Owl; Pocket Pup; Cat; Dove in Flight; Kangaroo; Penguin; Piglet; Whale; and White Rabbit. Other more advanced, adult-level kits available are Charlotte Fox and Felix Fox.

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