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Speedy Jelly Roll Quilt, and a Class to Match!


Last week I finished a quilt.  Astonishing I know!  I completed the top for this ages ago, and even had the top hanging in the shop for a while last year.  The idea was to demonstrate to customers two groovy things... 1) actually how much fabric you get on a jelly roll, and 2) how quickly and simply you can sew one together.  And since then we also realised it would make a great class.  So, if you would like to learn the basics of patchwork and sew an entire quilt top together in one 3 hour session then take a look at the class details here.

The 'Jelly Roll Race Quilt' is a fun way to sew up this precut and is super super quick.  It took me 45 minutes to sew this top (err, oh yes, hmm, and then 7 months to turn it into a quilt).  If you google 'Jelly Roll Race Quilt' you'll find all sorts of hilarity with folks actually racing, in teams even, to sew this top up.

We no longer have this collection in the shop (it was a Moda Thirties Playtime one) but we have lots of others.  A jelly roll is 40 strips of fabric 44" x 2.5".  It is a great way to buy and enjoy a full fabric collection without breaking the bank.

I used one of our linen cotton blends on the back of this quilt, quilted with Aurifil 2435 and bound it with the Mint Grunge.  I love the Grunge fabric by Basic Grey, and in fact we've got some new colours coming in a few weeks... yay!

I dropped the feed dogs and free motion quilted this quilt following the direction of the strips.  I'm not sure if this free motion pattern has a name but it was simple, great fun and looks like a climbing plant... reminds me of a climbing pea!

Would you like to get started with patchwork and quilting?  Or perhaps you just want to treat yourself to a mornings stitching our lovely sewing studio just outside Cambridge?  Sign up to our Simple Jelly Roll Quilt Class.




4 thoughts on “Speedy Jelly Roll Quilt, and a Class to Match!”


  • Anna
    Anna June 4th 2017 at 10:47 am

    What a lovely quilt! The colours are so pretty and springlike.

  • Lucy Bousfield

    Lucy Bousfield

    June 10th 2017 at 3:09 pm

    How big did your quilt turn out? I am wondering if a jelly roll would make a quilt for an adult sized single bed.
    Many thanks!

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