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Sleeping Under Stars and Moons


There's nothing quite like the arrival of a new baby to get me panic sewing, and to hear that my dear friends had had their baby, rather alarmingly, on the living room carpet (and almost on the drive) got me to that machine quicker than you can say 'clean towels and hot water'.


IMG_1691 IMG_1700I had been admiring the various giant star quilts popping up on the interweb, and rather fancied a go myself.  Rather than go for the giant version, I made a small version using half a fat quarter of each of the eight star prints (from Lizzy House Constellations) and half a metre of Black Cross Hatch from Architextures (which is now sold out, but Sketch Whiteblack is similar.)

I used Turquoise Linen Cotton Blend to back it and Purple Constellations to bind it.  By the way, the 'Purple' constellations fabric is not purple at all, but blue.  Why they named it purple I'll never know!

Quilted using the tried and tested, all time favourite, circles method... I did actually stray from this method for my last quilt (yet to be blogged) but it was such a pig of an experience by comparison that I came crawling back to circles.

I actually made two of these at the same time, in a production line, backing the other with the Loganberry linen, but I shipped that off to the aforementioned carpet baby before I had time to take pics of it.  This blue version is destined for the next baby that popped out just a week ago.

This is a great idea for a quilt pattern.  It really showcases the prints and is dead quick to put together.  I should think I'll be making more of these as my friends do keep producing babies.

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