Have you seen just how many sewing classes we now offer at Backstitch? We aim to provide everyone with a chance to get creative and learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. From learning the very basics of using a sewing machine, to crafting your very own pair of hand-made jeans, or mastering an overlocker, you can gain new dressmaking skills with the help of our experienced tutors.  Learn the magic of quilting; choose from five different classes, each offering different designs of quilt top. Next, learn how to finish the quilt, and even add embellishments using the free motion quilting technique. From weaving to visible mending, embroidery to crochet and knitting, we have it covered.

[caption id="attachment_1899" align="alignright" width="630"]Embroidery classes Classes and Socials at Backstitch; Embroidery Improvers: A Vase of Flowers in Stitch[/caption]

Class dates are now available to book until December, and don't forget our Dressmakers' Social and Quilt Club, where you can meet like-minded folk in our happy studio space, get away from distractions at home and concentrate on your latest project.

One class recently added to the Backstitch workshop repertoire is a  Visible Mending class, taught by Jemma Dell. This class enables you to transform worn, ripped or stained pieces of clothing with vibrant stitch work. Show off your creative talent, and let's mend the world, not trash it! This class is based loosely on a Japanese idea, whereby items with a history and visible imperfections become more valuable and more beautiful. You will learn to darn and patch woven fabrics to create repairs that make the item stronger as well as enhance its appearance. In the class we work on a single sampler piece to practise techniques that can then be used to repair items in your own time.

Another great new class is the 'Scrap busting' quilting class. In this class you will learn three different techniques, including machine piecing and machine paper piecing, to turn scraps into usable blocks that could then be made into placemats, bags, cushions, entire quilts or more. You will discover ways to use scraps of different sizes and shapes, from as small as 1 inch.