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Popover Poncho Love (and Coating Fabric in Sale)


This Christmas I actually finished all my gift makes in reasonable time (the first miracle) and was relaxed enough to sneak in some sewing for fun (the second miracle).  I opted for the new April Rhodes pattern, The Popover Poncho.  It was the perfect choice.  Such a quick and simple pattern, a really joy to sew.  I had seen a number of these made up around the web and it looked like a winner. 

I made up the M/L size in a Wool Blend Tweed Coating from the shop (currently 15% off in the sale, in fact, all our coatings have just gone in the sale with discounts of up to 20%.)  This coating drapes really nicely and washed really well.  The contrast is one of the Studio E Peppered Shot Cottons: Green Tea, a beautiful rich golden green.  These Peppered Cottons are so lovely for dressmaking, really soft against the skin, so perfect for the cowl neck.

048065061I didn't make many changes.  I lined my kangaroo pocket with the contrast fabric, which seemed like a no brainer, and then I faced the hem with the bias strips of green rather than binding like in the instructions.  I also added a rough cross stitch to finish the facing and add detail to the hem.  I am trying to think more about how I can customise the garments that I make, and I love to hand stitch (in front of the TV) so combining the two was a happy mix.

There is a small tale to tell about that cross stitch though.  I stitched with stranded floss, splitting the floss into three strands for a finer finish.  I got out the DMC colour chart to pick the best green from the gazillion different colours and picked out my best match, 704.  When I started stitching I realised that actually a twisted perle thread would have been better as I was getting some strands splitting and it wasn't looking quite as neat as it could.  Then... it occurred to me that of all the colours I picked, 704 was the exactly the same green as we stock in the perle in the shop... doh! Well, I wasn't about to unpick it, it's not that bad!

Pattern: April Rhodes Popover Poncho Outer Fabric: Wool Blend Black and White Tweed Coating Contrast Fabric: Peppered Cotton: Green Tea Perle Thread: DMC Perle #8: 704 Drawstring: From Stash

Photo credit: my mate Sasha

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