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Pauline Alice - Quart Coat & Eliana Dress


We've been stocking Pauline Alice sewing patterns for several months now, there is a clear favourite (I'm looking at you Cami dress!) but they have all been doing well.  So, we were really excited to hear of Pauline's new patterns.  There are two, and we have them in stock now.

quartcoatThe Quart Coat: A brilliant military style overcoat with a high stand up collar.  It has some great features such as zip cuffs and a pleated skirt.  Double super if you fancy making this one up as our coatings (or what's left of them) are still in the sale.

elianaThe Eliana Dress is the other new pattern and is a dead simple with a flowing skirt and either long sleeves or no sleeves at all!  This dress would work beautifully in one of these cotton lawns.

Are you tempted?  Will you go coat or will you go dress?!

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