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New: Downloadable Digital PDF Patterns - And Discount Code!


Well, this is an exciting development... We are now stocking digital PDF patterns at Backstitch, and to get you tempted, during the month of December, we've got 10% your first digital purchase with us: just use the code DIG10BL at checkout.

Now, we love receiving a beautifully printed paper pattern in the post, but downloadable patterns have some serious benefits too.  Shall we take a look at why we love them so much?

Digital patterns are great because: 1. You get them immediately - we're pretty hot on our delivery, but even we can't get a printed pattern in your hands within seconds!  Particularly good at this time of year with the Christmas mail scrum. 2. They are cheaper than printed patterns - in these times of austerity that's gotta be good, right?  And no postage fee! 3. No tracing and you get to print them over and over - yes you've got to tape them together, but then no tracing... you can cut out your size, and muck about with alterations to your hearts content, safe in the knowledge that you can just print it out again. 4. A much wider selection - many patterns never get to print. You can only ever get them on download. And, many that once were in print but are no longer being printed will be available as downloads.

Digital top picks

So, what are the top finds right now? The very popular Tania Culottes from Megan Nielsen is no longer in print but is now available as a download :: The whole Liesl & Co women's collection - Late Lunch Tunic, Everyday Skirt, Weekend Getaway Blouse and Dress, and Woodland Stroll Cape - have just released and are not available in print :: The new season Figgy's patterns are only in Digital.  I particularly like this Celestial Tee :: We have all of Made by Rae's patterns now - I'm getting excited about the Parsley Pants :: We've also got EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Oliver + S patterns in PDF now (by the way, they're not free, you have to click through to see price!) :: And, last but not least all the Victory patterns too. Gosh.

How do I find them? If you want to go straight to downloadable patterns then go to the Digital Patterns category. See that pretty green ribbon up there? Hover over 'Patterns' and you'll find 'Digital Patterns Only' under 'Format'. Or you can look at 'All Patterns' and use the top filter option 'Pattern Format' on the left to select your preferred format. All downloadable patterns have 'Digital' in the product title and are listed as such in the product information.

And, how do they work? You add downloadable products to your basket as usual. If you are ordering only digital patterns then you will not be charged a postage cost (obviously!) and on completion of payment you can log in to your account on the Backstitch website and click on 'My Downloadable Products' to locate the download links.  You have five chances to download the PDF and you are responsible for saving it in a safe place.  The document will be watermarked with your name and email address as a security measure.  When you are printing your pattern you must be careful to turn off all scaling and print at 100%, but other than that you are set!

So, what do you reckon?  Are you in Camp Digital or Camp Printed?

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