This is my top favourite shirt.  I love this shirt.  It’s a Melilot from Deer and Doe.  This is version B which is without the collar, just the collar stand, and has these cool short sleeves which are part of the body with just a cuff for detail. I actually made this shirt a while back and I can’t really remember making it, but I don’t seem to remember having had any particular issues with the construction.

The pattern is a little more challenging than beginner level.  The collar gives you something to chew on, but is a great next step for those wanting to move onto something more than a tshirt or a simple skirt.

The viscose is just a standard viscose dress fabric.  We’ve always got lots of this sort of stuff in the shop.  This particular print has sold out, but there are some other lovely ones to choose from.  Viscose is a little trickier to work with than a cotton but is very forgiving on showing up any mistakes by equal measure, particularly if you use a busy print, so nobody should fear.  The shirt is great in the day but I also love to wear it out of an evening.  The swishiness of the viscose makes it feel a bit special and with some jewellery (I have some black beads that I wear with this one) it feels suitably going outy.

I have had plenty of good nights out in this shirt.  Actually, that’s a lie, there have not been many good nights out in the last couple of years have there?  But, most of the good nights I have had out recently, have been in this shirt.  Most notably NYE just gone where I had a wonderful time and danced.  Although I danced in a different kitchen to the one I was expecting to dance in due to… yes, you guessed it, a covid cancelation.

Anyway, I’m going to do more dancing in this shirt in 2022, and 2023, and beyond too probably.

Pattern: Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt, Version B

Fabric: Big Cat Viscose (now sold out) alternative viscose dress fabric available

Buttons: Matt Smartie Buttons: Black 15mm

Size: I measure Bust 32”, Waist 28”, Hip 36”, Height 5’5”.  I made the size 38.

Adjustments: no adjustments

Notes on construction: Nothing!