Do you remember my top favourite shirt?  The shirt to end all shirts?  That was my Big Cat Melilot, made in viscose.  Well, this is also a Deer and Doe Melilot, but made up in a very different fabric to create a very different shirt.

I actually made this version before the viscose version.  This is still version B, but with the collar too.  I have made this in the Robert Kaufman Neon Neppy which is this super cool chambray with neon flecks running through it.  You can’t really appreciate it’s greatness from the images, but trust me, those neon flecks are the bomb.

This crisper shirtlike fabric is dreamy to sew with.  What I call a stable fabric, so it doesn’t shift or pucker.  It is a bit less forgiving on mistakes though.  So you have to be careful with your top stitching and neatness.  The drop shoulders and mandarin collar give this shirt it’s style.

I’m a big fan of double denim.  Yes, I know it’s apparently not cool, but I’m cool with being uncool.  Sometimes I even rock the triple denim, and this shirt definitely sits in the denim zone.  The pink buttons pick out the neon flecks in the fabric and the whole thing comes alive under UV light which is exciting when one hits the dancefloor.

The story with this shirt is that after it’s premier wearing to a good friend's 40th (there was dancing under UV light) I cycled home in the absolute lashing rain stopping into Tommy Tucker chip shop to get chips to soak up the booze. I managed to drop a chip and slide a blend ketchup AND mayonnaise (why have one sauce when you can have two) down the front of said shirt.  By some miracle Vanish saved the day and the shirt will go on.

Pattern: Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt, Version B

Fabric: Robert Kaufman Neon Neppy Royal

Buttons: Bright Shirt Style Buttons: Cerise 15mm 

Size: I measure Bust 32”, Waist 28”, Hip 36”, Height 5’5”.  I made the size 38.

Adjustments: no adjustments

Notes on construction: Nothing!