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Learn to Knit and Crochet in our Cambridge Shop


Today I would like to tell you about our new knitting and crochet classes that we are running in our Burwash Manor shop just outside Cambridge.  We've got four new classes: Two Crochet and Two Knitting.

Beginners Knitting Workshop: This workshop is designed to guide beginners through their first knitting adventures!  It is a mixed ability class where each student works at their own pace.  You can come multiple times as you work your way though learning the basic knitting skills that will give you the confidence to go solo on your own projects.  You are welcome on this class if you have never even picked up a pair of knitting needles.  The first things you will learn are: casting on, garter stitch, stocking stitch and casting off.  Students attending multiple classes can move on to: texture stitches using knit and purl, increasing and decreasing, stripes to introduce colour work, fairisle, cables and lace.  View dates and book.

Start Crochet: This class will get you started with Crochet, one of the fastest growing crafts in the UK.  This class will equip you with all the basics of crocheting in a relaxed environment. You will learn the following: chain, slip stitch, double crochet, half treble, treble crochet plus we’ll cover the differences between US and UK terminology and hook sizes.  Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques it won’t be long before you’ll be making your own project whether it be a simple motif or a classic crochet blanket to treasure forever.  View dates and book.

Introduction to Sock Knitting: There is nothing more rewarding than knitting your own cosy socks!  This series of three 2 hour sessions will walk you through knitting your first pair of socks.  You will work though a basic sock pattern, knitting a cuff, turning the heel and completing the toe.  Students will be required to knit between each class to keep up to speed.  View dates and book.

Crochet Granny Squares: Come along to create your own crochet classic... the granny square – the most famous of all crochet motifs and such a great crochet project for beginners and intermediates alike.  This class will teach you how to follow a pattern to make a basic granny square using the treble stitch, fasten off, start new colours and a few basic joining techniques.  Once you’ve mastered the granny square you’ll be able to produce them in as many colours and patterns as you like… There’ll be no stopping you!  View dates and book.

Does anything grab you?  Take a look at all classes on our website, and remember, we've just launched our Yarn and Knit & Crochet Tools categories.  Do go and have a little browse.

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