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Fancy Tiger Crafts Sailor Top


Stop what you are doing right this second and check out this fab new sewing pattern.  The Sailor Top from Fancy Tiger Crafts is an easy peasy, super wearable, everyday but not boring, t-shirt type top.  This is the first paper pattern from Fancy Tiger Crafts and it's an absolute gem.

sailortop2 - Copy

I am VERY excited about this pattern (can you tell?)  I am cursing that I currently have a dressmaking project on the go because the Sailor Top is begging me to be made.  In fact, it is begging me to be made in three fabrics.  Clipdot Midnite, Peppered Check Gravel and Crinkle Cotton Wildflowers.  I know I would get a lot of wear out of this pattern, it's an all seasons, layerable classic.  There.  I said it... it's going to be a classic!!!  What will you make it up in?

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