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Blogging about Dressmaking and a Linen Washi Dress


Now, I have to admit that I do not consider myself a dressmaker.  I am, however, happy to call myself a quilter: flat finished work, square edged pieces and stable fabrics I can do but I've never really grabbed the dressmaking thing.  I think it just scared me a bit... all those curves and notches and fitting issues, and then what if you try it on and you don't like it?  I mean, the amount of stuff that I try on in changing rooms that I don't like is way more than the stuff that I do.

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But times are changing and I am gaining the confidence, and dare I say it time, to tackle some more weighty projects, and so begin my endeavours in ‘proper’ dressmaking.  From here on in I promise to make more clothes – clothes for me, not just shorts and longs for my small boys.

And with that rather long-winded introduction I give you... The Linen Washi Dress!

I actually finished this Made by Rae pattern back in May and I have to say I loved (almost) every minute of sewing it up.  I had been endlessly inspired by all the versions of this on the interweb and felt it was time to make my own.  It was straightforward and I learnt so much from doing it.  I did sew up a muslin of the bodice as suggested and the darts were perfect on a size medium, so I had to make no adjustments to the bodice.  I took the skirt up a couple of inches as the hem was right on my knee which didn’t look great, but that was it.  The fabric I used was the Linen/Cotton Blend in Periwinkle which works really well, the perfect mix of body and drape, and just enough give to make easing the armholes painless.  I used some Liberty for the pockets and facings to give that pop of pattern.  I have been wearing it out a bit – it’s first outing was to a quiz night in the village hall (we sure know how to live!) and I was pleasingly able to do the old ‘I made it myself’ in response to compliments.

However, I haven’t worn it quite as much as I would like.  The cut out neckline looks really pretty, but I favour a more sporty style of boob support and this cuts right across the U meaning I have to dig out a less comfortable bra which quite frankly doesn’t fit like it used to.  I am working on a blouse version of the Washi in Lizzy House Supernova that is without the U, so I will let you know how I get on.

Footnote: In writing this post I am realising that blogging about making clothes for yourself is not just about the sewing.  It is quite a bit more personal than that.  For a start you have to show your actual self in pictures (quite a hurdle for someone who is a bit of a hider!), and then you have to discuss topics such as fit, and subsequently your shape, and even your underwear.  Suddenly I find myself talking about my underwear on the world wide web.

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