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Birthday Party Carnage!


Well our first 'bricks and mortar' birthday party was on Saturday.  We ate cake, drank prosecco and served a whole lot of customers!  What a day!  You guys completely blew us away. 

We opened the doors at 10am to a crowd of about 15 people and the queue just grew and grew all morning.  We thought it would be busy, but we were overwhelmed by the number of people.

I didn't have time to take any photos of any real interest.  I managed to take a picture of the incredible and enormous cake made by Paulo of Romano's (who will be taking over the tearooms at Burwash towards the end of the year) before we went at it.  And then I managed to take a picture of some of our fabric at the middle of the day - in a bit of a mess!  Actually, I was talking to a customer when I saw the state of it and I screamed... she looked terribly shocked and thought she had done something dreadful.  I had to explain that the fabric was messy and this was very distressing!

006 - Copy

So, anyhow, my huge thanks goes out to you all of my customers for being such an important part of this shop - without you we wouldn't be here!  You blew me away with your kindness and enthusiasm on Saturday.  I was given cards, cakes and flowers which I was not expecting at all!  Thank you for your patience waiting in the queue and if it was your first visit, can I assure you that we usually give a more personal service!

And a huge thank you to Terry and Jemma, tutors here, who hung their coats and rolled their sleeves up on Saturday when it was apparent that we were swamped.  They were both giving out help and advice.  Terry was putting bolts away and Jemma was handing out cake and drinks... you all rock and I can't thank you enough!!

Here's to many more years!

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  • Cally Yates

    Cally Yates

    April 3rd 2015 at 7:45 pm

    Thank you for letting us know about the Tea Room takeover.
    I have stopped there once before on my way north to visit family and was not inspired by what was on offer (plus the added bonus of a sticky table)
    I normally stop at Costa Coffee at Bar Hill but you are such a short way off the main road it will be nicer to stop there. And, of course pop in to visit your emporium.

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