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New Men's Sewing Patterns: Thread Theory & I AM Patterns


It's always really lovely when we receive new men's sewing patterns, so imagine how giddy we are to have nine patterns in two collections to introduce to you?! Thread Theory have brought out their amazing jeans, T-shirt, waistcoat and pyjama bottom patterns in paper version, and I AM Patterns have launched their first assortment of casual menswear patterns.

Thread Theory Fulford Jeans Thread Theory Fulford Jeans men's sewing pattern

The five Thread Theory men's sewing patterns have been available as downloadable pdf versions for some time now. These are still available on the Backstitch website, but many of us prefer a pre-printed paper pattern, so now you are free to choose your format!

The Thread Theory Fulford Jeans paper pattern is a truly classic straight leg jean. The design features a regular fit in the thigh and a conservatively high rise, reminiscent of vintage work jeans that sit just below the waist. Sew these jeans in a rugged denim and expect them to last for years! The Thread Theory Quadra Jeans pattern provides a subtly modern take on the classic straight leg jean. This pair of jeans features a slight taper to the leg and extra room in the thigh to allow for lots of movement. It sits below the waist as a moderate low rise. Sew these jeans in denim with no stretch or up to 2% elastane to add just that little bit of additional flexibility that so perfectly suits an active lifestyle. For more casual lounge-wear, or pyjamas, Thread Theory offer the Eastwood Pajama Pants pattern.

Thread Theory Quadra Jeans Thread Theory Quadra Jeans men's sewing pattern

To accompany the Thread Theory jeans patterns are the Sayward Raglan Tee and Belvedere Waistcoat. The Sayward is a versatile raglan t-shirt that can be made up as a long-sleeved version or regular tee. The attractively curved raglan seams paired with a relaxed crew neckline allegedly serve to create the flattering appearance of a strong chest!  The Belvedere Waistcoat adds a little suave sophistication to any outfit.

Thread Theory Sayward Raglan Tee Thread Theory Sayward Raglan Tee

Thread Theory Belvedere Waistcoat Thread Theory Belvedere Waistcoat

The new I AM Patterns men's sewing patterns all offer chic casual wear with French simplicity and charm. Most of the patterns have been adapted from popular ladies versions. We have so often been asked if I AM Apollon sweatshirt or Artemis jacket could be adapted for men, so now we have the solution! The I AM A MAN collection consists of: I AM Men's Milor T-ShirtI AM Men's Apollon sweatshirtI AM Men's Artemis jacket; and I AM Men's Colibri dungarees.

I AM Men's Milor & Apollon I AM Men's sewing patterns: Milor T-Shirt and Apollon Sweatshirt

I AM Men's Artemis Jacket I AM Men's Artemis Jacket sewing pattern

I AM Men's Colibri I AM Men's Colibri dungarees sewing pattern

We hope you'll enjoy sewing up many of these patterns. Let's face it, men don't have a hugely wide selection of sewing patterns to choose from, so this new sample is refreshing. For more ideas, please see the Menswear pattern section of the Backstitch website.

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